Learning to code can be challenging. Especially fitting it around with everyday life, family, work commitments, children etc. Here is some tips which I hope can help make your learning journey a little easier:

  1. When learning a new skill/programming language, learn the basics and how to code manually before using frameworks (eg. Javascript before jQuery, HTML before Bootstrap).
  2. Allocate time when you can concentrate on learning, distraction free. 20 mins of focus is better than 1 hour of distracted, stop/start learning. (in my opinion!)
  3. Try not to learn too many languages at once. Focus on getting good on one language before moving on to another. When I first started learning, I wanted to know EVERYTHING at once! It does not work, unless you are super cleaver!
  4. Take small victories, better to go to bed at night having solved a small problem than worry about scratching the surface of a large problem.
  5. If you have a large project, split it into chunks and focus on 1 area at a time.
  6. Learn from others, have a friend who is also learning? use each other to keep motivated.
  7. Learn something you enjoy doing. If you are not enjoying what you do, you will find it hard to motivate yourself.
  8. Don't reinvent the wheel. If a plugin or framework exists, use it, time is precious and better spent on other problems. Frameworks and plugins are not cheating, they can be a wise use of your time.
  9. Comment, indent and lay out your code neatly, you will thank yourself if you have even a short break away from coding.
  10. When taking online courses, don't always just type along. Pause and understand what you are typing if you need to.
  11. Think of some small projects you can build today, you will not know which areas of your knowledge are weaker until you code a project on your own. If you get stuck on a particular part, search Google, 99% of the time somebody has already asked the same question.
  12. We have all been there, a page full of code looks scary if inexperienced. Dedicate the time at it and all will become clear.